Postels bags (pronounced “Po-STELLS”) and related products occupy the nexus of “enthusiasm upon sight” aesthetics and “I must have this” functional and engineering superiority. Each premium quality piece is created with layered elegance, refined detail, and unparalleled versatility.

Inspired from a simple belief that aesthetics and functionality should complement each other, all Postels are designed with the modern customer in mind — a person who is continually in motion, fashion-attuned, and whose lifestyle requires organic ease-of-use (in both business and casual situations). Fitting uniquely with every possible “now” moment in the fascinating journeys of their owners, Postels bags command/inhabit a timeless relevance.

Postels bags and other products transition seamlessly from busy corporate days to overnight trips or weekends away. Detailed craftsmanship is found in all aspects, from signature hardware to innovative materials, all deliberately designed to look better with age.

The details of Postels’ subtle magnetism and enduring allure lie in many of the engineering and fashion specifics. With mere shift in the owner’s thought, the business tone and attributes of a particular Postels piece can suddenly and deliberately be shifted on-demand toward a dominant recreational tone and attributes.



Angela Postels was born and schooled in Germany, graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from ESMOD. Her fascination with New York City inspired her to make the move 15 years ago.

Since then, Angela has grown her own business dedicated to garment development working with design houses including Calvin Klein Collection, Derek Lam, and Michael Kors.

As Angela’s focus and activity increased (including her manufacturing and supply chain mastery), she began partnering with a fellow visionary in design, fashion, and utility. Greg Reynolds joined Angela in 2013 to collaborate and expand on Angela’s creative vision.

Greg Reynolds embodies the brand’s vision, quite literally. As a successful entrepreneur with an inspired history of business and personal travel destinations around the globe, Greg brings a first-hand passion for high-quality travel accessories, many of which he has carried—to meetings, to gyms, and through airports—over 25 years of such journeys.

Greg’s personal experience as a target consumer and his drive (and innate curiosity) to ask and creatively answer the questions “What’s missing in this?” and “What feature(s) would make this high-quality accessory even better?” are the propelling forces behind Greg’s quest to bring greater functionality to the luxury accessory market.

Just as Greg’s own physical dwelling(s) have evolved to feature a layered mix of precious antiques, mid-century modern elements, and contemporary modern pieces, Greg is helping to lead just such a time-transcendence (r)evolution in the home and dwelling of high quality travel bags and related products. The initial collaboration of Angela and Greg fully articulates the vision in the ICON line.